The course

Golfer tees off at Sackville Golf & Country Club

The Sackville Golf and Country Club is short in length, but with its rolling fairways and out-of-bounds markers to the left on 5 holes, players soon find out what a challenge this course can be!

The Sackville Golf & Country Club course

Keeping with the Scottish Tradition, all of the holes were named during construction (the name of each hole was determined by what was seen).


  1. Spruce Up — Spruce trees line the fairway
  2. Long Tom — Our longest hole
  3. Ish Ka Bibble — Your guess is as good as ours!
  4. San Souci — Without fear
  5. Treesome — Don’t miss the green
  6. Bay View — View the Bay of Fundy
  7. The Dip (white) or Dipper (red) — Play over a deep dip
  8. Hesitation (white) or Hesitate (red) — Think twice on how to play this hole
  9. High Brow — Play to the high spot in the fairway
at the clubhouse